The Universe is an amazing video journey from the sun to the most distant galaxies
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Kudos for The Universe

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Bill Arnett
"Wow! What a nice show....Bottom line: a great DVD!"

Astronomy magazine  August 2003
"Are cloudy skies keeping you from viewing celestial wonders? Then sit back on the couch and gaze at the solar system and distant galaxies with
The Universe. Available on DVD and VHS, this journey through space features video and images from Hubble, SOHO and other space-based observatories. With succinct narration and an orchestral score, The Universe will entertain as well as inform. As a bonus in the DVD version, California-based astronomers Alex Filippenko, who studies supernovae, and Karel Schrijver, an expert on the Sun, help demystify the universe."

American Library Association Booklist July 2003
"Truly a work of art."

School Library Journal July 2003
By Shauna Yusko, King County Library System, Bellevue, WA

"...Designed to enhance classroom lessons, the video can be shown segment by segment or in its entirety. The footage is stunning and offers students an excellent glimpse of outer space. This production would work for group or individual viewing, but some background knowledge about the topics would be beneficial before viewing...Schools looking for science videos on this topic will appreciate this title."

Video Librarian July 1, 2003
By L. Stevens

***1/2  "A perfect title for the armchair galaxy traveler, this program takes viewers on a journey through the universe using images from NASA's TRACE, SOHO, and Hubble programs. Viewers are initially introduced to the big telescopes, learning how the breathtaking images are created and the data interpreted, before moving on to the subject of the sun (studying arches, coronas, and sun spots), other stars, star clusters, nebulae, supernovas, galaxies, and each of the planets in our solar system, with a narrator "tour guide" offering commentary and pointing out interesting features throughout. While this program is still a cut above the comprehension level of a viewer with no background knowledge of the subject, The Universe will readily appeal to astronomy buffs and Cosmos fans. The DVD includes a gallery of images from the Hubble Telescope, interviews with Alex Filippenko of UC Berkeley, and Karel Schrijver of Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center, and the option to simply turn off the narration and enjoy a relaxing music video. Highly recommended." May 15, 2003
By Rich Rosell

"It's rare when you can be awed and educated at the same time, but
The Universe does just that. This tour of galaxies and stars consists entirely of images collected from NASA's assorted orbiting telescopes, and the result is as informative as it is beautiful...

The presentation was so hypnotic that I had to keep reminding myself that the surreal beauty of these images represented something that was real, and not the speculative creation of some Hollywood effects wizard...

This one is an easy recommendation for fans of the REAL deep space." Read Full Article

Library Journal May 15, 2003
"Recommended for science collections for high school and advanced middle school students..." April 26, 2003
By Dennis Burger

"The Universe is...a pretty amazing look at the sort of images that folks like me clamor for—images of the hot, active, and photographically elusive corona of our sun and shots from the Hubble Space Telescope of galaxies and celestial bodies that are out of reach for even the best terra-based observatories...

The Universe comes to DVD with two quite fascinating interview segments, but to be honest, calling them "extras" almost does an injustice to their value. This is the real meat and potatoes of the disc, to be frank, and in my opinion warrants the purchase of the disc alone. And again, Universe Productions has demonstrated their commitment to quality by presenting both interviews in anamorphic 1.78:1 widescreen...Honestly, this disc belongs in every schoolroom in the country if for no other reason than these two amazing interviews...

The major studios need to take a look at this disc—if a small upstart company can craft a disc that is wall-to-wall anamorphic video, designed as well as this one, and as easy to use as this one, there's no excuse for some of the half-assed products out there that carry a Hollywood pedigree. The disc is an absolute
must-have for astronomy buffs..." February 20, 2003
By Jim Bray

"If you're a space nut, or just want to bask in the glory of the Universe around us, have I got the DVD for you.

It's called, not surprisingly,
"The Universe" and it takes viewers on a journey that begins at the center of our solar system and ends as far out in the vast cosmic regions as technology allowed when the DVD was put together.

And, as always should be when a DVD is being put together, the images are presented in anamorphic widescreen and fill the 16x9 television's screen completely, offering you a panoramic view of the wonders of nature (or God) that the disc displays.

The footage is nothing short of amazing, and they kick things off right (after a short introduction to the telescopes themselves) with a fascinating look—including time lapse footage—of our Sun. This spectacular section, courtesy of NASA's SOHO and TRACE telescopes, lets you clearly see the source of life on Earth at work fusing its gases and emitting energy and radiation whether it be in the form of solar wind, gigantic prominences, or just big globs or trails of star stuff (to steal a phrase the late Carl Sagan used to great effect in his groundbreaking series "Cosmos") leaping from the star's surface and following its magnetic field until it's swallowed up again by our system's primary.

It really is spectacular and to me this section alone is worth the price of admission because, while I'd seen plenty of sun shots before, nothing had come close to the detailed (and frighteningly beautiful) shots displayed here." Read Full Article

Digital Cinema magazine
By Brian McKernan

"Never have I seen a DVD so successfully exploit that medium.
The Universe is an awe-inspiring voyage into the cosmos."

Electronic Musician
 June 1, 2002
The Universe for a Song
By Tim Tully

"I've been producing a commercial DVD titled
The Universe, and one of the most challenging aspects of the project has been building the 5.1 surround soundtrack.

The primary content of
The Universe is a huge number of animated stills and movies showing the amazing astronomical images being sent to Earth by various space-based telescopes. The well-known Hubble Space Telescope captures images of cosmic objects ranging from within our own solar system out to unbelievably distant extragalactic regions. The less famous TRACE and SOHO telescopes shoot incredible close-up videos of the surface and corona of the Sun.

From the initial stages, I planned to create the entire project in my home project studio. The tools were readily available, and I believed I could push the project through—at least to the replication stage—with only moderate additions to my audio-video setup. I knew it would be a challenge but that it would untimately be worthwhile for a number of reasons." Read Full Article


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