The Universe is an amazing journey from the sun to the most distant galaxies
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The Universe DVD

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Dennis Burger

Stunning close-up movies of the Sun
Images from Hubble's new ACS camera
See galaxies from the dawn of time
Magnificent nebulae and star clusters
Watch Saturn change seasons
See stars being born

Special DVD Bonus
Presentations by prominent astronomers
Widescreen anamorphic, 16:9 video
Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound
Windows® screen saver

The Universe presents over 200 amazing images in eleven chapters, arranged according to their location in space—to clarify where they are in relation to Earth—and by type, to distinguish clearly the different kinds of objects that fill the cosmos. An informative narration names and describes each object, and explains what astronomers have learned from studying it. The DVD also allows you to mute the narration and simply enjoy the beautiful images and enthralling surround sound music.

As a special feature,
The Universe includes presentations by two astronomers who use the Hubble and TRACE telescopes. These noted scientists explain their work, theories and discoveries, how they benefit us, and help us understand the universe.

It's a wonderful way for beginning astronomers to get acquainted with the cosmos and for experienced enthusiasts to own an annotated, visual reference that's always at hand.

DVD is compatible with xbox® and Playstation®2! NTSC-compatible.

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